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    The Rotaract Club of The Caduceus

Today's doers and learners, Tomorrow's doctors and leaders.

The Rotaract Club of The Caduceus is a non-profit organization of young doctors & students in the field of healthcare functioning under the banner of Rotary International. We work primarily in the healthcare sector, with a focus in and around Mumbai, India.    We aim to empower the underprivileged, by strengthening nation’s most precious resource- health.

Our Vision

Rotaract Club of the Caduceus entered into the new Rotaract year 2017-18 with a broad vision of redefining L.I.F.E. The theme of the year was released on 23rd of July, 2017 at the 20th Installation Ceremony of the club.

“Let’s unite to reconnect with the world and Redefine Lives!”.

Long Lasting

The improvement in health in a society stagnates after a point of time. The club ensures sustainability of its projects for continued progress of the society whose benefits can be reaped by them for a longer duration.

Illuminate Lives

The club tries to illuminate lives of the beneficiaries through its healthcare services like the screening and the intervention camps, the service projects , donation drives, and through national and international project opportunities for its members pursuing medicine and paramedical education. It gives immense pleasure and a feel of containment to these healthproviders to work beyond their curriculum, lend a helping hand to the needy and serve the community better.

Form Connections

The club aims at further improving its relations with the Parent Rotary Club of Bombay Central , and its recognition amongst other rotaract clubs in the Rotaract International District 3141. It also gives an opportunity to its members to communicate and bond with healthprofessional from different colleges and different fields across various cities  to encourage better exchange of ideas and promote a multidisciplinary approach towards healthcare.


Education is the base of social, economical and personality development. The club carries out campaigns to spread awareness among the layman on various social causes, diseases , prophylactic measures and much more. The educational seminars conducted for the medical students not only help them grow academically, but also to serve the community better.

  • Health Care

  • Health Education

  • Awareness Campaigns

  • Professional Development

  • Health and Fitness

  • Donation Drives

  • Interprofessional Bonds

  • Medical Education Cell

  • Caduceus Adventure Cell

  • Women's Health Task Force

From the Cranium of Caduceus

Our New Ideas and Creations

Leadership Development Initiative

The year at Rotaract Club of The Caduceus was that of many firsts.

Whatsapp- Not so informal medium

WhatsApp is a platform for an informal and unofficial communication.

Groom and Grow: The Working of the Club

To succeed, a team needs to have good players. Good work comes with team work.

We are proud to announce that our Project, 'Ground Reality Journey' was nominated for and eventually WON the 2018 Rotaract Outstanding Project Award from the South Asian region!

Constellation of Caduceus

(Our success stories)

Rotaract Club of the Caduceus as a part of its Anti - Litter Campaign, an Initiative by Switch India successfully completed.

Anti - Litter Campaign
Project M.A.A.

Rotaract Club of the Caduceus' Project M.A.A.- Mother's Absolute Affection on World Breast Feeding Week .

Walk of Fame

On 23rd July, took place the Installation ceremony for incoming president Rtr. Vidhi Dave, and her  Board of Directors 2017-18!

RC Caduceus wins the RI Outstanding Project Award for South Asia

Official Club Visit (OCV)

The OCV i.e. the Official club Visit where the District Rotary visits our club. It is carried out as a way to understand the club’s strengths and weaknesses and to improve on the whole.

Our Mark on Rotary International

Rotaract Club of The Caduceus makes it’s mark on Rotary International on

The Larynx- KEM Magazine

Rotaract Club of the Caduceus featured in a magazine of a leading Medical college in

Rewards and Recognition

Our club celebrated its first ever 'Awards Night' where achievements and organisational feats were recognised and prize winners were felicitated


Caduceans performed outstandingly well at the event and exhibited the true spirit of sportsmanship.

The Caduceus R-Evolution

From bottom to the top, Caduceans have worked hard to build an empire that takes healthcare where it is needed the most. The results speak for themselves.

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